How to use: We recommend taking one RAW Gel-Tab twice daily. For optimum absorption of CBD let the RAW Gel-Tab dissolve under the tongue for 10-15 minutes. Agitating, chewing, or swallowing the Gel-Tab prematurely will reduce the bioavailability of the CBD.

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Developed to be the most effective CBD delivery method for administering CBD into the body. Our Gel-Tabs have been designed to make it easier to administer CBD oil. These little jelly-like-tablets allow for a slow release of CBD through the blood vessels under your tongue, resulting in a high proportion of CBD being absorbed into your body.

Our RAW Gel-Tabs have been made with full spectrum CBD oil, the RAW extract is darker in color and has more of an acquired taste due to its intense flavor profile. The RAW Gel-Tabs have a very small trace of THC and can be used by the whole family. This has been approved by the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA). The CTA are in close contact with the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) and the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


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