Bubba Kush Weed Strain

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Bubba Kush cannabis strain induces a heavily sedative, deeply euphoric high. Only smokers with extensive experience with indica should smoke this. It’s a good indulgence in the evenings. Bubba Kush alleviates aches and pains



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Bubba Kush weed strain is an indica-dominant with a ratio of 95/5 and THC levels reaching a sky-high 27%. This strain, commonly known by its other name Bubblegum Kush, is easily recognizable in the flowering stage by its distinct purple buds. The taste is as sweet and refreshing as bubblegum. Bubba Kush weed strain induces a heavily sedative, deeply euphoric high. As a key note, only smokers with extensive experience with indica strains should smoke this. It’s a good indulgence in the evenings. Bubba Kush alleviates aches and pains. Bubba Kush cannabis strain is a cross between Bubble Gum and Kush cannabis strains.

Negative Effects
Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Anxious, Headache

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1/8 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce

5 reviews for Bubba Kush Weed Strain

  1. Emily_G3004

    The aroma of Bubba Kush is one of those unique scents I will never forget. It borders on an acrid ammonia smell, emits deep, earthy notes. It gives a heavily narcotic effects, with the Katsu cut being a bit less sleep inducing although still a very heavy body high.

  2. Wilson

    Bubba Kush cannabis strain has sweet and refreshing as bubblegum. Bubba Kush cannabis strain induces a heavy sedative, strong euphoric high. This strain is not good for the beginners. IThis strain helps to treat different kinds of aches and pains. This strain suits more for the evening time.

  3. Zaide8377

    Wow, this is one of, if not the best strains I have ever smoked. I mean this really did something to me. It is the type of high that gradually gets more intense and slowly leaves you with an amazing afterglow. First thing I noticed after smoking this strain was my state of mind, it had immediately changed. I became very uplifted and happy and all the stress I was struggling with just minutes before had disappeared, I felt very clear headed. The next thing I noticed was the relaxation surging through my body. I deal with neck pain and discomfort which slowly just went away in the matter of 2 or so minutes, absolutely amazing. Next was the bed, I highly advise against using this strain if it is not night time, it will put you out, if not that you will at least experience a period of couch lock and not want to leave your bed– no matter how dry your mouth is or how hungry you are. This strain did wonders for me. I sunk into my bed and felt like I was shooting across space at a million miles an hour, my body felt like it was being relaxed by God. The body experience that I got from this is so hard to explain in words, it is truly amazing and you have to try it for yourself. Now it should be noted that I smoke quite frequently, multiple times a week if not multiple times a day. Due to how frequently I smoke I have built quite a tolerance to marijuana, however this was unlike anything that I have smoked in a while. It was almost like I smoked for the first time. Just absolutely amazing I would highly recommend, just make sure you are picking up something high quality because that is the best way to experience what I did. It should also be noted that this strain does come with some negative effects, but not anything too bad just the usual. The negative effects I had experienced included dry mouth, dry eyes, laziness (I could not get out of bed) and that is about it. Other than that it is truly an amazing strain. 🙂

  4. Miller

    Surprised how good this was for Insomnia. Pure bedtime strain. No negative side effects.

  5. Roman

    Awesome strain with cool sweet bubblegum taste! Bubba Kush cannabis strain provides a strong euphoria high and uplifting mood.

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