Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain

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With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget.

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With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, 1st place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Amnesia Haze is a stimulating weed which is great for depression and will help some persons with anxiety and other mood disorders.

The stimulation may be useful in ADHD and the high THC levels are strong against many types of pain such as neuropathic pain and pain from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. Being true to her name, Amnesia Haze marijuana will make you forget all your troubles by taking your mind for 2-3 hours thought race. This cannabis strain is potent, beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid blackout and memory loss. Amnesia Haze marijuana is good for daytime use as it boosts energy and creativity, makes you forget your worries without feeling sleepy.

Negative Effects
Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth, Paranoid, Memory Loss, Lazy

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37 reviews for Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain

  1. Jack_D

    Relaxing, comforting, energetic and most of all, potent. Gives you a strong buzz. That’s what I like!

  2. Farren

    Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain provides a strong cerebral high, making you relax and sleep. It has a spicy and citrus smell and taste.

  3. Thorsten

    I like this strain very much, nice strong head up! Not for daytime in my opinion because you get lapses of memory

  4. Ricky_B

    VERY Tangy,Sticky musty and tastey -like sour diesel type weed .blew my fucking head off with the first breathe and kept us BOTH wrecked i’d say for at least 3 hours ,strongly maybe even for another hour and this was only from a couple of well placed Bongtongs hits!~~ too. I had grown this girl and started her from a seed that i had acquired so it meant alot to me to be real good and was a big surprise to both of us old stoners from duh sixties ,but NOT really I love growing mmj and it means so much more and commemorative because i had grown this bitch myself and did a pretty good job me thinks,,my centered and increased visions of life increased tremendously and i had some episodes of ”couch-lock” after the second hit from ”El KaBong”….Good times ….would do it again unless there’s something better that i haven’t really tried ..ya know?????

  5. Sativabrain

    best high i’ve had in a while but this strain makes my eyes hurt i don’t know why.

  6. azazel138

    This weed lives up to its name. Let me tell you: I was in bed at night, smoking before start watching some flick, feeling good and real high when suddenly a harry white dog jumps in my bed. And I was “what the hell?! Somebody put LSD in my weed?” The fact is, I indeed have a lovely harry white dog called Luna for abou 2 years now and simply forgot about her when high AxFx! Strongly recomend.

  7. Bluntr00ts

    This is an uplifting smoke, with sativa effects that arent too energetic, chatty or on edge. A calmer more pleasant smoke with a nice lemon sherbet, citrus and lime scent and taste. A smooth light smoke, not too harsh, didn’t give me couch lock nor too sleepy, with an all over body buzz

  8. TellesPinhero

    Para os amantes brasileiros de maconha, aqui vai a minha review: Como é sativa, ela é indicada para fumar de dia, antes de dormir eu não recomendo, Fumei e senti vontade de limpar toda a casa HAHA Em grandes quantidades ela chega a ser Psicodélica, digo, efeitos levemente parecidos do famoso LSD Gosto realmente é citrico com leves toques herbais Não é a minha favorita, mas recomendo

  9. bsapphicbud

    easy to smoke, hits quick, lasts long, smells amazing and the high is great. u laugh a lot but you’re still calm and chill. absolutely loved it

  10. Coryscythe

    In the past 2 years, we’ve tried various strains of flower in our Boundless CFX vaporiser, and no matter where we bought them or what “family” they were, how much or at which temperature we vaped, they always had somewhat similar effects on us. The single strain that really stands out with a totally different range of effects compared to the others is amnesia haze. Amnesia does NOT make us: giggly, forgetful, unfocused, dreamy, horny, emotional (be it positive or negative), creative, experience colours and sound and “deeper” and more vibrant, going up in our own bubble, sedated, couch-locked, hungry for snacks, tired, sleep like a brick, time goes slow. Amnesia DOES make us: active, insightful, focused, interact with each other, talkative, understanding, awake – not wanting to go to bed, time passes by very fast, light and active sleep, not feeling well-rested in the morning. While some of the effects are real nice (we stay focused and active enough to play tabletop games, we don’t lose track during endless conversations, I don’t feel physically sedated, we enjoy the “story” of a movie more than the “visual / audio experience”, we are spending more time together than doing our own thing separately), I think I still prefer the soothing and creative effects of the other strains we tried.

  11. Turfo

    Great strain but don’t under estimate this one, it gives lots of energy and lots of giggles it will make you luagh like the joker for the next 3 hours and you will eat like you’ve just came out of hibernation. its definitely a daytime strain But on a positive note it is a good strong high wich is very enjoyable

  12. BryanSmokes

    Love Amnesia Haze to bits. Fits the name completely

  13. degasperinetto

    Incredible. I love my buzz.

  14. Vlad_TheInhaler

    Great euphoria. Really good sativa definitely one I’ve wanted to try for a while and didn’t disappoint! One of my new favorites 🙂

  15. digijuana

    I would not smoke it again. It’s not a bad strain, it’s just that it wasn’t quite for me. It made me cry a lot, felt very insecure and got in fights with some people.

  16. Maggot_Fegga

    First time ive had this strain in wax form but its the kind to hit you really hard. Its a relaxing high, where you kinda go numb but you know you just stoned asf. definitely worth the $

  17. Tokalotta

    Very good sativa, took 2 nice pulls on a joint and put it down, after 5 minutes there is an intense buzz/euphoria, which is shortly followed by a mellow smiley head high for 30-45 mins. WARNING: If you are prone to paranoia or suffer from anxiety I would give this strain a miss or control your doses very carefully! 🙂 Happy smoking.

  18. Jayjaye

    Ahhh Now I get it.. You should wait a bit after you’ve hit the bowl… I smoked a bowl, felt little to nothing, my sis calls as I’m about to have a second bowl, put it down, talked for 20 minutes about wine ( which told me I was high), hung up the phone … Didn’t need the second bowl… Awesome feelings… Yeah.. but you know I’m going to have that second bowl…Lol

  19. dsmokeboi420

    good smoke, feel floaty

  20. SEnneX

    Tried it as I reviewed it. Good strain. Good taste, good smell. Definitely did the job

  21. Savage207

    It’s a great strain but depends on who you get it from though, everyone does not have the same grown Amnesia. All comes with different THC levels:) I feel happy and relaxed at the same time and real sociable:)

  22. kingsize

    I overall like this strain for night time use. It helps me relax.

  23. Venadelle

    Amnesia Haze is my favourite strain to date! Very relaxing, you sleep like a log. Not rough on the lungs. All in all, fucking relaxing

  24. budwiser

    Happy, euphoric, forgetful. Super Headhigh but also good against Pain. One of the best Sativa Strains for me. Classic!

  25. Kristy

    pain and anxiety relief

  26. babclot

    I love the smell and taste of this sativa. It helps improve my depression, while giving me a calm yet energetic feeling. I dont feel so overwhelmed and rushed to complete tasks. I’m able to slow down without feeling sluggish.

  27. Amnesia420

    One of the best strain by far

  28. Akroma

    Very uplifting with but still slightly relaxing. I prefer sativas and this one is great for the daytime and gets you energized and ready to get shit done with no anxiety. This is great for my anxiety, depression, and occasional stomach pain

  29. budhighmarko

    Personally i found this weed way to strong. I have smoked almost daily for about 4-5 years but this strain made me feel like a complete newbie. I got paranoid, extremely anxious and very self-conscious. Smoked it pure in a pipe. If you’re sensitive to high sativa weed you should probably mix in some cbd-buds. Either way be careful with this one.

  30. Niel

    not quite the cerebral high I usually look for, but a decent buzz!!

  31. Ben10

    My reviews have a general response, then one from myself, and one from my partner as we both have different mental states. General: If you get a higher-end THC batch of this stuff it hits like a nuke. Stupidly giggly and silly (pretending to be riding a bicycle upside down on a bed). Smoked it as a regular blunt. Happy, creative, sensitive to sensory input such as touch (in a good way). My response (as someone with occasional depressive bouts): Positives: Super uplifting, happy and giggly. No depressive come down the next day. Negatives: Dry eyes and mouth. Partner’s response (as someone with anxiety): Positives: Super uplifting, happy and giggly. Negative: Best done in an environment you feel safe in and others are smoking too as the silliness can make you tiny bit self-conscious that you are being annoying to others that might be sober, but nothing too overwhelming.

  32. Ashmark

    I grew this stuff it is top tier! Relaxing and energizing at the same time, doesn’t make me feel like I’m on speed, or make me think people are peeking in my window

  33. predlagi

    Tried this flower in Amsterdam for the first time. I liked the energy and focus that this strain gave me. It doesn’t make you forget things. You can easily smoke it when exploring new places and trips. It doesn’t give you the couch lock but the opposite, it hits you with energy… but when that energy drops… you sleep like a baby.

  34. ganjastunner

    Amnesia Haze is definitely one of my top five favorites! The auto version is easy to grow and a great hybrid! Takes away pain and nausea. Takes away worries and negative thoughts so good to fight stress. Highly recommended!

  35. Bigmomma

    Me and my buddy smoked 1g and we were really energetic and were laughing like idiots for the next 2 hours, great strain lmao
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  36. monoxasis

    The best strain i ever did, i was laughing with my friend for 2 hours and we couldn’t stop

  37. Racoon32

    Great strain, but not my type of high. VERY energetic, to me, but perfectly uplifting. Take this strain on the road and stay happy.

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