1 Gram Free Cocaine

(6 customer reviews)


Get a gram of free cocaine each time you place an order!

This free gram is available in all of our shop categories.

Coke given will be a surprise

Kindly write a review with what you received as a surprise

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Get a free gram of cocaine each time you place an order with us. Note that your order must be at least $200 before this free gram will be given to you.

This applies to both new and recurring customers. A free gram will always be available each time you place an order. The reason for this is because we value you as our client and we intended to keep you coming back to our shop always. This free gram of cocaine is available in all of our shop categories.

6 reviews for 1 Gram Free Cocaine

  1. precious_metal

    I thought adding coke to my basket was gonna get me in sh*t. Thanks buddy

  2. bull070321

    Great services. Thanks for the add

  3. hmech

    i love your products

  4. F*vkU

    F*vkkkkk. Amazing shit.

  5. Shine

    I held 1g’s like gold. Thanks man. Sweet

  6. Liza D’costa

    Had the best product of you buddies

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