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Buy Skywalker OG 710 KingPen Vape Online

  • CBD: 0.7013%THC : 70ËN:  1.33%Our oil is one of the most potent on the market. Unlike many other brands that give you the results of raw oil that they then dilute, at Pure what you see is what you vape. Our Lab tests for each batch are printed on the package and most batches test well over 70% THC. Additionally, due to our natural process in which we use the terpenes found naturally in the flower, the flavor and draw from our cartridges is exceptionally smooth.

Girl Scout Cookie CO2 Oil Cartridges

  • 0.4ml, 44g per cartridge
  • 274mg THC:1.82mg CBD per cartridge
  • 1.82mg THC:1.40mg CBD per puff
  • 150 puffs

Honey Rose Vape Cartridge

  • Burns thick vape clouds
  • Tastes amazing
  • Smells absolutely delicious
  • Available in larger sizes
  • Solid metal mouthpiece tip
  • High THC rating

Honey Vape Sour Diesel Cartridge


White Widow Hippie Wax (THC : 90.1%)

White Widow Hippie Wax (THC : 90.1%) Buy White Widow Hippie Wax–Order  White Widow Hippie Wax online It is a Sativa