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For security reasons, Cryptocurrency is our preferred means of payments as it is 100% secure and anonymous. We can also accept several other transfers services, but we highly recommend bitcoins for the sake of your anonymity and ours.

  • Click here to locate a Bitcoin ATM around you. To buy bitcoins from an ATM, you will need to go to the ATM with cash and not a credit/debit card.
  • For the rest of the world and Europe too, you can use https://bitcoin(dot)com
  • USA users can conveniently buy bitcoins from https://cash(dot)app or https://coinbase(dot)com

We also accept the following payment options. However some limitations do apply.

  • PayPal: You can only request to pay with paypal if your order is at least $200. Note that funds MUST be sent under the friends and family category. This is because weed or coke is not entirely legal and PayPal doesn’t support it.
  • Cash App: Please request to pay using either of these methods if and only if your order is $100 and above.
  • Apple Pay: You can use this payment option on all orders with any amount.

Ask us if we could accept your preferred means of payments not listed above.

We hope to serve you soon…

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