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For security reasons, Cryptocurrency is our preferred means of payments as it is 100% secure and anonymous. We can also accept several other transfers services, but we highly recommend bitcoins for the sake of your anonymity and ours.

  • Click here to locate a Bitcoin ATM around you. To buy bitcoins from an ATM, you will need to go to the ATM with cash and not a credit/debit card.
  • Watch this video and follow the steps to be sure on how to buy bitcoins online from
  • If you are in Europe, you can instantly buy bitcoins from btcdirect.
  • For the rest of the world and Europe too, you can use binance.
  • USA users can conveniently buy bitcoins from cashapp or coinbase.
  • Buy Bitcoin with Paypal or Credit Card for Payment.This is currently the only way to get bitcoins quickly using Paypal or credit cards. It can be done in three simple steps:
    1. Log on to xcoins website, register and verify.
    2. Buy Bitcoin according to the total amount of the order.
    3. In the main menu of the website, click “Extract Bitcoin” in other to send bitcoins to us. Our bitcoin address will be provided upon request.

    Since this platform states that new users can only buy $100 a day, if your order amount is more than $100, please continue to buy through this platform the next day, and so on. When you get enough bitcoin to pay the total amount of the order, you can withdraw the bitcoin according to the third step mentioned above.

We also accept the following payment options. However some limitations do apply.

  • Western Union | Money Gram: You can only request either of these payment methods if your order is above $200
  • Cash App | Zelle: Please request to pay using either of these methods if and only if your order is $300 and above.
  • Gift Card: We accept major gift cards such as Amazon | Ebay | iTunes. You can use this payment option on all orders with any amount. Note that we take giftcards to or and exchange it for bitcoins. So, if you can do the exchange yourself, then that would be perfect.

Ask us if we could accept your preferred means of payments not listed above.

We hope to serve you soon…

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