No, but of recent, an insurance document can be requested at any time and sometimes, it is not needed. We have had few situations where security officers requested an insurance document. Please note that we are not to be blamed when such situations occur, as it was earlier categorized as "unforeseen". Buyers will be financially responsible in getting this document issued.

All orders are shipped within or after 24 hours once a cleared payment have been received. Local express shipping takes 1-3 business days depending on where you are located, and international shipping takes 3-8 business days depending on your location as well.

Yes, we offer huge discounted products for resellers. You are automatically considered a reseller when your order is $5000 and above. You cannot change an order once placed. We also offer services to resellers where they can take products on credit with a 30% or 50% deposit.
- With a 30% deposit, you will have to complete a very strict/sensitive KYC step and show proof of funds that you will be able to pay for the balance of 70%.
- With a 50% deposit, you will have to complete a normal KYC only.

Resellers should note here that once a fraction of a deposit has been paid, there is NO REFUND for whatsoever reason. We repeat, NO REFUND! So be ready to complete the transaction once you start paying a deposit. If you placed an order and accepted our terms and conditions without properly understanding how the reseller program functions, we are not to be blamed in any way. This is a risky business and we cannot go back to our connect to get a refund same thing as you cannot come back to us for a refund.

Remember that we require a monthly interest rate of $1,000 until our balance payment is sent. For example; If you pay 30% for products worth $10,000 and complete KYC, We will send the products to you even-though you owe us 70%($7,000). Then if you take 2 weeks to raise the balance, you will have to pay $7,000+$500. If you take 1 month, you will have to pay $7,000+$1,000. 2 months: $7,000 + $2,000.10 months: $7,000+$10,000. etc

Yahoo emails are not acceptable. Please use any other email except Yahoo. Gmail preferred. If you place an order with a yahoo email, we will not be able to contact you via email after that and you may lost some sensitive information.

Yes you can. But make sure that the delivery address is accurate. We do offer fake ID's for our client's convenience. If you don't have a fake ID and will like to purchase one, please contact us or visit our Fake ID page to learn more.

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