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For clients who want to add extra layer of security, we recommend that you order a fake ID from us. All our premium scannable fake ID are guaranteed to scan, black-light, and appropriate holograms which replicate the real product 100%. You can always order your fake ID with other websites. However, be careful with a lot of websites out there because many of them are not real. For this reason, PotCoke has a branch department that is specialized to help our clients who want extra level of security when Buy fake id online from us.


Furthermore, If you want to order Buy fake id online, cocaine or weed with us and you do not want to use your real names, then order a fake ID from us. It takes just 48 hours to get your ID ready. Express ID’s can be issued within 0-24 Hours at an extra cost of $20. Also, we offer fake ID’s for countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Pakistan, India, UK, Mexico, Brazil, and 17+ countries, Therefore, please contact us to know if your country is covered.

All ID’s are produced in the USA.


Cost of an ID

US and Canada: $65
Everywhere else: $120
Expedited ID processing time: +$20
For Domestic Shipping (US and Canada): Free
International Shipping: $20 (Flat Rate), $35 (Express)

Steps to follow before ordering a fake ID

To end up having a close-to-legitimate document, provide us with a high-quality photo of yourself. There are specific requirements to meet when taking a picture for your fake ID card & Buy fake id online. Please, don’t ignore the following:

  • don’t take a selfie
  • use a professional camera
  • don’t wear glasses, a hat, or anything
  • look toward the camera;
  • don’t go over the top with your makeup and accessories
  • put on the right clothing to contrast your skin

Another thing you are asked to do is send us your signature on a white paper. scan to enhance its quality.

Complete these steps and leave everything else to us. We will do whatever it takes to produce a premium-quality fake ID for you. It won’t be detected by ultraviolet light, a magnifying glass, or any other scanner.

Contact us at [email protected] to get more information

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