All shipments are from Denver - Colorado, United States of America.

No, it is not possible. It is impossible to merge this kind of business with the bank unless you don't value your own privacy.

Hell No! Everything is sent doubled-vacuum sealed and there is no smell. The risk of having a tear in your package is also very rare as we rubber-wrap packages as well. No one can see what's in your package unless someone deliberately opens it up.

Yes we offer free shipping on all orders above $150. Your cart will be automatically updated to a free shipping benefit if your order is above $150.

Yes we do. We ship locally and internationally at a very cheap and affordable price. For added safety and anonymity, we ship only via EXPRESS means. Shipping cost ranges between $25 - $50 (Local - International)

Yes we have coupon codes at all times. We have seasonal/festive coupon codes that comes up seasonally (Ex. Christmas coupons).
Visit our home page to get a coupon code.

We use COMODO RSA SSL end-to-end encryption, hence your connection with us, is encrypted using a modern cipher suite and TLS 1.2. It is encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM and uses ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. Meaning every information you sent to us is 100% out of reach for hackers.

We accept all major cryptocurrency payments (recommended/preferred), all major gift cards as well as money transfer services. Please visit our payment page to learn more.

Once you place a complete order, your item will be processed and packaged within 24 hours. And on the next business day, you will receive an email with a tracking number with either of the delivery companies we work with.

All sales are FINAL! Hence, we do not accept returns for any reason whatsoever!

– If you decide to cancel your order immediately after payments, you will have 25% refund of your money if items have not been processed or shipped yet. If items had been processed, you will get a 10% refund. If items have been shipped already, you will get a 0% refund. There is NO refund for what so ever reason once orders have been shipped.

– If your parcel gets missing during delivery, to compensate you hence keeping our customers coming back to our shop, we can send half the quantity of the product(s) you ordered FREE of charge. NOTE: Buyer pays shipping fee. We are not obliged to do this because we are NOT to be blamed for missing items. It’s strictly NOT our fault but that of the delivery agency involved. However due to the contents of the parcel, we/you cannot legally file a claim against the delivery agency.

Note that: In any of the above case scenarios, refunds are made via bitcoins ONLY. Hence clients are advised to get a bitcoin wallet before applying for a refund.

For security reasons we ship via standard services with FedEx, UPS, USPS, TNT, CX or DHL. It takes a little longer, but much safer for both parties. However, we offer stealth express services but it comes with a high fee.

Once your order is shipped, our site automatically deletes all clients information. Note that our site is SSL secured and every data you sent through our site can only be seen by our team.

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