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Yes, we offer huge discounted products for resellers. You are automatically considered a reseller when your order is $5000 and above. You cannot change an order once placed. We also offer services to resellers where they can take products on credit with a 30% or 50% deposit.
– With a 30% deposit, you will have to complete a very strict/sensitive KYC step and show proof of funds that you will be able to pay for the balance of 70%.
– With a 50% deposit, you will have to complete a normal KYC only.

Resellers should note here that once a fraction of a deposit has been paid, there is NO REFUND for whatsoever reason. We repeat, NO REFUND! So be ready to complete the transaction once you start paying a deposit. If you placed an order and accepted our terms and conditions without properly understanding how the reseller program functions, we are not to be blamed in any way. This is a risky business and we cannot go back to our connect to get a refund same thing as you cannot come back to us for a refund.

Remember that we require a monthly interest rate of $1,000 until our balance payment is sent. For example; If you pay 30% for products worth $10,000 and complete KYC, We will send the products to you even-though you owe us 70%($7,000). Then if you take 2 weeks to raise the balance, you will have to pay $7,000+$500. If you take 1 month, you will have to pay $7,000+$1,000. 2 months: $7,000 + $2,000.10 months: $7,000+$10,000. etc

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